Your Burning Man vacation 2012

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So, you got the time off but didn't get tickets. Maybe you're just too pissed off to even consider going to TTITD. What to do...what to do?

How about a cruise?

I'm organizing for a Burner cruise the same week of da Man. No details yet, but I envision a sailing from the LA area or possibly SF. Looking at one week cruises. If enough people go, we can have our own DJs and parties. Imagine, a week of decadence; pools, all the food you can eat without dust in it, nightly entertainment, stars in the night sky at sea, you can wear feathers, someone picks up the moop in your room daily.

Guaging interest at the point, so let me know with no fear of obligation. I would imagine this would endeavor to be around $800 plus taxes and tips. Probably less than you would have spent in the desert!
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